Memoirs of an Egotist

Work in Progress

Having taught in France and spent a good deal of time there (largely thanks to a French wife), I have always been interested in Anglo-French relations. My first publication was a translation of StendhaI's Memoirs of an Egotist. I am at present working on a book provisionally entitled Perfidious Albion: The Story of Stendhal and British culture. Its general context is how, in 1815, France and Britain rediscovered each other after 25 years of separation. With descriptions of Stendhal's meetings with Byron and Hazlitt, his three visits to England in the 1820s and his changing views of the British, this book has underlying themes which Brexit has made more relevant than they seemed to be initially.

Two recent blogs can be found under DHL. They concern the closure by the local council of the 'D. H. Lawrence Heritage Centre' in Eastwood and the fact that the father of H. G. Wells was a professional cricketer. Another, under Musings, is about whether work in the humanities should be made more relevant to what is happening in society at large.

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