Memoirs of an Egotist

Work in Progress

My first publication was a translation of Stendhal's Memoirs of an Egotist. Now that my book on Stendhal is out, I seem to have come full circle and ought perhaps to give up. But it is hard to abandon the habit. I've written about very specific aspects of comedy in Shakespeare's Practical Jokes, which will be republished next year, but I have always wanted to say something more general on this topic that took in popular as well as high-brow culture (as far as irony is concerned, for example, from Socrates to Ali G). Not surprisingly, this is proving hard. Meanwhile I keep myself busy with occasional blogs for the Wordsworth Classics website (and for this one). I like to think of these as very modest equivalents of the short poems Lawrence wrote when he was too ill and tired to do anything else - 'Pansies' he called them because that English word is derived from Pensées. But this was after he had made enough money from Lady Chatterley not to have to bother anymore (for my misgivings about this novel, see my Love and Sex in D. H. Lawrence, which I am told will be due out in paperback in a few months).

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