I have not done much in this relatively new formant which I like to think of as the equivalent of the short poems Lawrence wrote when he was too ill and tired to do anything else ('Pansies' he called them because that English word is derived from Pensées). Not that standard he set would be easy to reach! Some of these blogs have been posted on the website of Wordsworth Classics and others were written with members of the D. H. Lawrence Society in mind. But mainly they are for anyone who has happened to wander in my direction. They are not all about literature. One that is relatively recent, for example, deals with the problem of money in sport and is called 'Local heroes' (see under 'Musings') . In 'Texts for our Times' there is a blog with the self-explanatory title 'Boris, Byron and the 2019 general election' and another that considers the relevance of Defoe's Journal of the Plague Year to our condition today (in 2020).


Local heroes

Local heroes I was brought up in a town called Swinton, which is a few miles west of Manchester and used to have an important rugby league team.  Every other week I would go to watch this team play in what was an intensely local experience.&...read more »

Swift's Struldbruggs

  Swift’s Struldbruggs In one of his conversations with Boswell, Dr Johnson observes how superior The Tale of a Tub is to all Swift’s other work and says of Gulliver’s Travels: `When once you have thought of big men and...read more »

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