Memoirs of an Egotist

Work in Progress

My first publication was a translation of Stendhal's Memoirs of an Egotist so that when my book on Stendhal came out, I seemed to have come full circle and ought perhaps to have given up; but it is hard to abandon the habit. I was unhappy that my book on Shakespeare's Practical Jokes, now out of print, was so narrowly focussed and have used it as the basis for a much more general study of the comic in Shakespeare in which I am currently trying to interest an academic publisher. Meanwhile, I have secured my more immediate future with a contract from Reaktion books for a biography of Lord Byron to be delivered by the end of next year. This is in their 'Critical Lives' series and to be only 50,000 words long (2021). I look forward to the challenge of encompassing the life and works of Byron in such a relatively limited space, and of trying to demonstrate that it is above all as one of English Literature's great comic writers that he matters to us today.