Blasted with Antiquity

Blasted with Antiquity: Old Age and the Consolations of Literature (The Lutterworth Press, 2023)

Perspectives on the perils and pitfalls of ageing, viewed through the lens of novels, plays and poems from across history.

" For those of us who have yet to retire, reading is a pleasurable luxury. But once that metaphorical "office door" finally closes, the delights of uninterrupted browsing will be ours for good. That at least is the view of David Ellis, in whose new book, Blasted with Antiquity, the prospect of an old age more studious than decrepit is broadly welcomed. "

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Gerri Kimber (Visiting Professor at the University of Northampton)
" Among the many joys of this inspiringly high-spirited heart-to-heart with the literature of ageing, is the zest with which it seizes the opportunity of age to read again for pleasure, the better to enjoy what's left of life, or the better to endure it. If getting old has consolations, David Ellis's engrossing conversations with works we are strangers to, or thought we knew but didn't, is one of them. "

Howard Jacobson (novelist and essayist)
Witty, insightful, and ambitious, Blasted with Antiquity reflects on ageing and old age across the Western literary canon. Organized around themes such as retirement, nostalgia and self-consciousness and sex, Ellis's book is a delight to read - a significant publication for scholars in literary age studies and an accessible volume for anyone interested in literary representations of growing older.

Dr Jacob Jewusiak (Newcastle University, author of Aging, Duration, and the English Novel)

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