Frank Cioffi: The philosopher in shirt-sleeves

Frank Cioffi: The philosopher in shirt-sleeves (Bloomsbury, 2015).

A record of the thoughts and feelings of this well-known Wittgensteinian when he was, as it were, off-duty and pondering such general questions as the unruly body, how we deal with failure, the lure of science, our understanding of others and depression. But there is an afterword by Nicholas Bunnin which situates Cioffi in a more strictly academic context.

" After an hour with Frank, the world seemed more vivid, ideas seemed to dance with life, and laughter echoed even amidst the ruins. In this admirable and charming book, Ellis captures the vibrant qualities of Cioffi's conversation, his joy in ideas, his perpetual probing and questioning, and his intellectual passion. To those who knew him, this volume will be a treasured memorial - to those who were unacquainted with him, it will be a delightful memoir of a remarkable man. "
(Peter Hacker)
" a readable and affectionate memoir ... I never met Cioffi but having read this book I wish I had "
(Tim Crane)

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